A Perfect Setting

For Every Event

The Barn at Creek’s Bend offers the perfect space for a convention as well as an expo. The building offers indoor and outdoor spaces, enabling your event to flow and cater to all needs. The main level and mezzanine can seat 300 people; the lower level can seat 150 and the outdoor areas can seat an additional 300 people. The main level can be set for a professional conference and convention where guest speakers deliver a profound message, while other expos demand a free flowing space for the attendees to mingle and maneuver throughout the numerous vendors, shopping for their needs. With three distinct spaces, you can designate each area for specific needs and events.

For example, if you are hosting a bridal exchange, the main floor will be filled with professional local businesses, including but not limited to — florists, photographers, bridal boutiques, cosmetics, travel agents and more. Engaged couples, friends and families can wind through the different vendors, while conversing about their upcoming wedding plans.  Meanwhile, the lower level could be used for seminars, where couples can hear from wedding planners and other industry professionals to get advice on what and how they should plan their wedding. All while the outdoor areas serve as a place for attendees to enjoy and sample caterer’s, bakeries and beverages.

The Barn at Creek’s Bend is the perfect place to host your upcoming event — endless spaces, local attractions and accommodating catering options.

Convenient Central PA


When you look for the perfect location for an event, you also need to think about the area around the venue. Is it easy to find? Is it a central location for most of your guests?

The Barn at Creek’s Bend, aside from being a gorgeous venue, is conveniently located for both Central PA locals from Harrisburg, Hershey, Lancaster, Gettysburg and York; as well as those arriving from out of town. Being less than 30 miles from the Harrisburg International Airport, the area features several hotels and lodging options for your attendees.

A unique feature of The Barn at Creek’s Bend’s location is that the venue shares the same property as the Carlisle Sports Emporium. Guests of your expos or conventions, in their free time or apart of the events schedule, can participate in laser tag, ride go-karts, play in the arcade and more.

To learn more about The Barn at Creek’s Bend and how we can host your upcoming business expo, please contact us today.

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“I planned my school Barristers’ Ball at the Barn! It was amazing. Sadie and Julie are the best to work with. They made everything happen and were awesome support systems. The Barn has so many things to offer and the interior is absolutely stunning!

I like to think I have crazy requests but nothing was too big or too minor for Sadie and Julie! I would recommend the Barn to anyone!”

Jada E.

“I fell in love with the barn when I first saw it. I really couldn’t stop smiling during our tour! We knew it was the place to hold our wedding!”